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AP BIOLOGY: Links on TEAMS; Links to PIVOT on Clever
  Monday/Tuesday: M&M Chi Square Lab
  Wednesday/THursday: Pivot Genetics Labs
  Friday: Wrap up genetics. Prep for Huntington Lab
  Monday: Unit 1 Test
  Wednesday: Wrap up Typhoid Mary; Discuss John Snow, 2.1 & 2.2
  Friday: Finish 2.2; 2.3
    Monday/Tuesday: Eukaryotic Cell Cycle & Cancer, HHMI Biointeractive
                                  Complete Pivot Lab on Onion Root Tip Mitosis
    Wednesday/Thursday: Feedback Mechanisms
                                         Complete IN CLASS POGIL's (Thanks, cheaters...)
    Friday: FRQ Practice; questions, review for UNIT 4 TEST ON MONDAY/TUESDAY FEB 5/6th
     Monday: Disease Warriors Video
     Wednesday: Disease Warriors Follow Up: Zap Game, Unfair Race Activity, Viewing Guide
      Friday: Unit 1.4 Worksheet & Homework
If you're checking my web page from home during a snowpocalypse, then you're probably just a tad curious about what is happening.  If TN schools had the foresight of some northern states, we could have a virtual plan in place, but alas, we don't.  BUT, that doesn't mean you can't be staying on top of your studies.  
  AP BIO:  When last we left, you had learned the four stages of a signal transduction pathway, right?  RTRT?  
(Reception, transduction, response, termination).  If you don't remember those, it wouldn't hurt to go to TEAMS and rewatch the Bozeman video on Signal Transduction Pathways.    
    Here's a link to an amazing TED Talk by a very cool woman named Bonnie Bassler.  I have heard Bonnie speak 2-3 times- she is a friend of biology teachers and AP Readers, and she's always willing to stop and chat with us when she comes to our events.  I have a selfie with her somewhere...  
IF we hadn't just lost a week of school, we'd be watching it in class time.  It's an important application of signal transduction pathways in our world, and possibly an answer for the looming statistic that by 2050, the leading cause of death in the US will be antibiotic resistance.  (On the 1/17 TODAY show, a gastroenterologist shared the scary statistic on colon cancer- it's growing as a leading cause of death among younger adults.  People born in the 90's have 4X more chances of being diagnosed with colon cancer than those of us born in the 50's!) 
  AND, if you really want to get ahead, remember I have opened all the videos in AP Classroom for Unit 4.  GO WATCH THEM NOW!! At least watch the ones on cell communication and signal transduction pathways.  ONE PERSON HAS WATCHED THE FIRST VIDEOS.  NOBODY HAS WATCHED 4.4 FORWARD.  C'mon guys.  I know you can do better than that.
As for the algae project- 3 of the 88 of you in AP Bio, were concerned enough to jump in and help try to figure out our next steps.  But thanks to those 3, the algae guy is donating whatever we need to get started again.  For those of you who just wanted to know how it would affect your grade, make sure you don't ask me for a letter of recommendation for college.  I can't lie about your motivations when I write to colleges.
   Stay warm and safe.  Maybe the heat will actually be fixed when we can finally get back to school.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope 2024 is your best year yet!
If you're looking for local science opportunities, these were forwarded to me by Vanderbilt professor, Dr. Mark Shivers:

 Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth (PTY)PTY is now accepting applications for four of our summer experiences:

·      Vanderbilt Summer Academy (VSA), an academically focused pre-college residential experience for rising 7th-12th grade students

·      Mentor Immersion: A Virtual Research Experience, a virtual program for rising 11th through 12th grade students 

·      Summer Academy at Vanderbilt for the Young (SAVY), a weekly day program for academically advanced students in 1st through 6th grade 

·      Career Connections at SAVY, a weekly day program for academically advanced students in 7th and 8th grade

    January 8-12th:  Unit 4 - Cell Signaling - Review Unit 3 Exam. Introduce Cell Signaling.  Cell Signaling POGIL
                                             Cell Signaling Video - Submitted to Lab Bench
        WATCH THIS BOZEMAN - You'll be recreating a STP(signal transduction pathway) and it helps if you understand one:
                                               FRIDAY- Spirit Day - no classes.
  January 15 - MLK Holiday
                16-19 - Cell Signaling Taste Lab 
                 22- UNIT 4 EXAM
                 23-26 - UNIT 5 Heredity 
         January 8-12th: Introduction to Immunology.
                                   Time Line- Infectious Diseases.
                                   Unit 1 Introduction
                                 FRIDAY : - Spirit Day- no classes