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8th Grade Social Studies Syllabus 2022-2023

  1. The class will learn using a variety of activities: lectures, presentations, group activities, research and writing, map reading, videos, tests, quizzes, projects, reading assignments, interviews, guest speakers, and problem solving.
  2. GRADES: This class uses Standard Based Grading where grades will be based on mastery of the standards. Please see the video link on my website for a thorough explanation of this method/process. Each standard will be a separate grade and will reflect the level of mastery for the student.  A link to the standards for 8th grade social studies can also be found on my website. 
    1. Tests: Tests will be given at the end of most chapters; however some chapters will be grouped together for multichapter tests. This category also will include major projects and major group assignments.
    2. Homework: Includes take-home work, class work, minor group assignments or projects. There will be one or two homework assignments per week.
    3. Participation: Students are expected to participate in class discussions as this creates a valuable learning environment. 
    4. Quizzes: These may be given at any time to check for knowledge or comprehension and will count toward the mastery of the standards.
  4. Grading Scale: This class follows the grading scale for the state of Tennessee.  The following scale applies:

A = 100-90

B = 89-80

C = 79-70

D = 69-60

F = 60 and below


     5. Late Work Assignments will not be accepted after the assigned due date.


     Any questions can be directed to my email address [email protected]