Juliana Bishop » Welcome to Mrs. Bishop's 8th Grade ELA Webpage

Welcome to Mrs. Bishop's 8th Grade ELA Webpage

This class is designed to provide continued development of reading, writing, and other language skills.  Students will learn strategies to aid in reading comprehension and enjoyment by studying various literature genres.  Cooperative learning, mini lessons, discussion groups, and literature circles, and Socratic seminars are some of the ways we will be analyzing literature in our classroom.  Students will work to expand their vocabulary and writing skills in authentic classroom activities, in addition to following the Rutherford County approved Amplify platform.

Important Dates:
Feb. 19th - President's Day No school
March 5th- In-service (no school for students)
March 18th - (no school for students) Parent/Teacher Conf.
March 25-29 Spring Break
May 22 Last full day for students
May 23 - In-service (no schools for students)
May 24 - Report Card Pick-up