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The High School Creative Writing Club is a place for young aspiring lovers of writing and future authors to meet, explore all the aspects of great writing and what it takes to be an author, all while experiencing life with peers who love words too. Anyone can join!

Whether it is poetry, short stories or novellas, or drawn-out novels, this club will nourish and investigate strategies to develop plot, characters, setting, and other writing techniques along with various aspects of marketing and sales. We will discuss genre, developing an audience, and good potential first steps students can take while in high school to set themselves up for an excellent future as an author.  
For more information or if you have questions, please email [email protected]
As an author myself, I hope to share everything I've learned with you! Sign up today!
Club Rotation: A 
Meeting Place: Room 336 in the Annex
Sponsor: Ms. Burrows
*We have additional meetings Mondays at 3:00-4:00. Pick up will be in the high school pick up area. 
Pick up an application from Mrs. Burrows or Madelyn Gaunt.
Due Monday October 9th for the 2023-2024 year. 


Each Club is led by a student board. The club president, club vice president, club secretary, club treasurer, and club media specialist comprise the board. In some cases, one or more of these offices may be combined (i.e. secretary-treasurer or secretary-bulletin editor).

Club President - Madelyn Gaunt

The club president is responsible for setting and monitoring the goals of the club, running club meetings, appointing committee chairs and delegating tasks as necessary, recruiting, training and retaining members and maintaining regular communication with absent members.

Club Vice President - Lynnea Mileusnich

The role of the club vice president can be summarized in one word: service. The vice president serves the president, other club officers, committees and the general membership. He or she is also expected to learn the duties of the president in order to fill in or take over as necessary.

Club Secretary

The office of secretary is one of the most demanding in the organization and a good secretary is essential to the proper functioning of any Club. The secretary is responsible for taking minutes, keeping records and maintaining all important files for the club. Additionally, the secretary researches opportunities for the club to participate in (conferences) and updates remind as necessary.

Club Treasurer - Ian Kelley

The club treasurer monitors the club’s money, both its collection and disbursement. He or she collects member fundraising and all associated information, prepares and monitors the budget and maintains accurate financial records.

Club Media Specialist - Kiely Ditterline

A Media Specialist is responsible for the public image of the club as it relates to Internet-based mediums like a website or social media. He or she creates, updates, and maintains a club website where appropriate, and he or she manages the social media accounts for the club.

Form to indicate plans to attend are on TEAMS. 
1. Learning Craft
2. Writing and Potluck
3. Writing Activity
4. Partner Critique
5. Highlight Whole-Group Critique - will be a day where we group critique one or two member's work
Once a Month Potluck We'd like to have a potluck once every month. This would be something simple you can bring for everyone to enjoy and eat while we write. We will align this food with our writing meetings. More information below.
Quarterly Party: Madelyn and I feel it would be fun to have a Harvest, Winter, Valentine's, and Congratulations It's Finished Parties. At our parties we would like to recognize members with - perfect attendance, most growth, hardest working, most valuable club member, etc.
If you did not add HIGH SCHOOL CREATIVE WRITING to the digital Opt-In form that was sent out on August 8. Be sure to have it filled out before coming to a meeting.
The High School Creative Writing Club would like to congratulate Lynnea Mileusnich for winning the inspirational genre in the Clean Fiction Magazine writing contest. She won a cash prize as well as a two-page feature published in the upcoming Spring Edition of the magazine. This was not a student contest, and placed Lynnea up against professional, published authors. Only four to five authors are selected for each edition, and I'm proud to say Lynnea took one of those spots! 
Please take a moment to congratulate her for this accomplishment. Her writing is going to take her places! 
If you want to read her winning short story, you can order your copy of the Clean Fiction Magazine Spring Edition coming up soon.