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Writing Prompts

Welcome! Below are our prompts you can use to write your stories! We hope they stimulate and spark your writing talents. You can even use these to enter competitions. 
Everyone can write to these prompts.

Club Members be sure to bring your previous writing for some time to read and enjoy one another's pieces. 
August Prompt: "Write about a character that feels like they're cut off from something."  OR "It keeps getting hotter, and things are also getting weirder. Write a scene or story that describes the strange things happening the hotter it gets." 
September Prompt: "Set your story in a town that has its own laws and is disconnected from the rest of civilization." OR "Write a scene or story that includes a character either taking a dare or revealing a secret about themselves."
October Prompt:  "Write about a character whose dreams predict the future." OR "Write a scene or story that includes a monster or another character from a horror movie."
November Prompt: "Write about two characters who want to be together, but something is keeping them apart." OR "Write a scene or story that includes a character being thankful for something unusual."
December Prompt: "Write about a character breaking a rule, but for a good reason." OR "Write a scene or story in which a character receives an unusual gift."
Whenever Prompt: "Write a story where the character has an insecurity that stops them from doing something important." OR "Write a scene or story that includes a character fulfilling someone's dying wish."

January Prompt: "Write a story from the point of view of an animal." OR "Step 1: Brainstorm a list of images or ideas that you associate with the holiday New Year's Day. What comes to mind when you hear the word---a vacation, special tradition, or Billie Holiday? Step 2: Write a scene or story inspired by your associations."
February Prompt: "Write about a character who discovers something while shoveling snow." OR "Write a scene or story that involves a lie. How far does the lie go? What will characters do to hide--or reveal--the truth?"
March Prompt: "Write a story about a brilliant scientist making a startling discovery." OR "The person whom you or your character has been trying to talk to for ages finally answers the phone. Who is this person? Why were you or your character trying to track them down for so long? How does the phone conversation progress?"
April Prompt: "End your story with a character receiving a deeply meaningful gift they weren't expecting."  OR "A tornado is forming and your character is in the absolute worst place they can be at that moment. Where are they? How do they handle the situation?"
May Prompt: "Write about someone whose luck is running out." OR " Your character's prom date went . . . not so well. Why?"
Whenever Prompt: "Start your story with someone having a run of bad luck."  OR "Write a story or scene that includes 'sound words' that set the scene." 
The High School Creative Writing Club would like to congratulate our Sponsor, Mrs. Burrows for winning the dystopian genre in the Clean Fiction Magazine writing contest. She is excited to be featured in the upcoming Spring Edition of the magazine. 
If you want to read her winning short story, you can order your copy of the Clean Fiction Magazine Spring Edition coming up soon. She is also featured in the Winter Edition when she won that contest as well.