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Writing Competitions

Writing competitions are meant to nourish the mind and inspire a writer to begin an idea. Once the writer has an idea, they can pursue the idea past the competition if they so wish to. These competitions are meant to spark creativity and create a beginning. You can still participate in these if you are not in the club!
These will be updated as ideas are formed, and winners will be posted here as well!

We are looking for two additional judges who are interested in reading competition pieces and giving feedback. If you are interested in participating in this portion of the Creative Writing Club, join our club, email me, and we will set up a time to discuss further.  


What should be on the title page?

The title page should have the title of your piece on it, your name and grade, the word count, and if you want feedback, the letters “fb” somewhere noticeable.

Why do I need a title page?

A title page will give us the basic information that we need to know to ensure you are adhering to competition rules and will link your name to your piece. After you turn it in and Mrs. Burrows has recorded your name and the title of your work, that page will be removed so judges will be unbiased. If you don’t have a title page you will not be allowed in the competition.

What is the difference between the first page and the title page?

The title page will be like a cover of your story, or a “page zero”, and is the basic information that is needed. Meanwhile, the first page of your story will be page one, and will simply have the title of the story, the letters “fb” if you want feedback, and the beginnings of your story on it.

Where should I put the letters “fb” if I want feedback?

If you want feedback, the letters “fb” must be on both your title page and first page.

Can I submit other types of writing besides narrative?

Unfortunately, at this time, scripts, poetry, and songs will not be allowed to enter in the competition.

What should I do to get feedback on my writing before I enter the competition?

If you want feedback on your writing before entering the competition, make an appointment with the Writing Lab! They are there to help people with all types of writing, including narrative, and can help with all stages of writing. They really enjoy getting a break from all the essays and senior thesis workload, so go check them out!

Where should I submit my work?

You can either turn in your submission to Mrs. Burrows or to Mrs. Dixon in Room 221.

When will winners be announced?

The winner and runners-up will be announced on the Friday of the first full week back to school. At this time, people who requested feedback on their paper will be able to come down to Room 221 after school and pick them up. If you have any scheduling conflicts and won’t be able to get your paper back then, please email Abigail Holzmann aholzmann6946@student.rcschools.net

Why should I participate in this challenge?

Doing these challenges will give you practice with creative writing, you can get feedback on it, and if you win you will get published in the Paw Print (central’s newspaper) and on the Creative Writing website! Additionally, winning a writing competition will look good on a resume!

Don’t see an answer to a question you have? Feel free to email Mrs. Burrows at burrowsj@rcschools.net or Abigail Holzmann at aholzmann6946@student.rcschools.net

*Please not that only a limited number of judges are needed*

Form for Judge signup:

What is your name?

What is your email?

What grade are you in?

Do you have any other siblings in highschool who might take part in the writing competition?

(if yes was answered above) What grade are they in?

By submitting this form, you are saying you are willing to take time out of your schedule over the break to read, judge, and possibly leave feedback on the entries you are assigned, along with getting together with the other judges to pick a final winner. Click “I agree” below if you are willing to commit to this.