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AP Psychology

“People are not disturbed by things but rather by their view of things.”
Survey to be taken after the test
Please review the calendar below for assignment due dates and dates for tests and quizzes. All assignments, notes, resources are posted in TEAMS!
  • The Learning Curve assignments can be found in the online textbook(Launchpad), To get there go to Clever and select the red M icon that says launchpad. Once you enter the class the easiest way is to select the calendar on the left and you will see the assignment on the due date.
  • AP Classroom will be used for reviews, FRQ's, and unit tests. To navigate there go to Clever and select the AP icon that will take you to your Collegeboard Account. (or you can just log in to College Board).
  • Please remember to e-mail me if assignments are submitted after the due date.
AP Resources
AP Content
Unit 1: Scientific Foundations of Psychology 10–14%
Unit 2: Biological Bases of Behavior 8–10%
Unit 3: Sensation and Perception 6–8%
Unit 4: Learning 7–9%
Unit 5: Cognitive Psychology 13–17%
Unit 6: Developmental Psychology 7–9%
Unit 7: Motivation, Emotion, and Personality 11–15%
Unit 8: Clinical Psychology 12–16%
Unit 9: Social Psychology 8–10%