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Stuart Leach, Integrated Math 2

8/17 - In first half of our class time, we did two piecewise functions, breaking the graph into sections, and determining the slope-intercept form for each part. Students should recognize and be able to create piecewise function notation. In the last part of class, we worked on the flip side of the worksheet, starting to graph the V-shape as described in a real-world scenario. All the V-shapes should be graphed by class on Monday.
8/15-16 - Block Day - Watched Sal Khan's explanation of solving absolute value inequalities. Worked in class to complete a worksheet demonstrating these skills. We reviewed the correct answers from yesterday's homework, then concluded with ranges of acceptability and piecewise functions.
8/14 - Today we brought together all the transformations that are possible with f(x)=A|x-C|+D. See the posts below for the Abs Val Transformations worksheet. On this document, students are analyzing graphs in order to write the function as well as taking a function and graphing it on the coordinate plane.
 Integrated Math 2 Supply List
  • Pencils
  • Filler paper
  • Graph paper (small pkg)
  • A container for keeping graded assignments
    • folder with pockets and tabs recommended
  • An organized place to consistently take class notes
    • composition notebook recommended
  • Suggested items to have at home
    • ruler, compass, graphing calculator (TI-84 or similar)