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  • The community service with distinction honor is awarded to any student who goes above and beyond with service each academic school year.  Middle school students who complete 30 hours are eligible for the award while high school students who complete at least 75 hours are eligible.  See your advisor for details! 
  • Learn about the JFK Profile in Courage Essay contest here.
  • Learn about the The American Legion Oratorical Contest here.
  • Please support the CM PTO fundraiser Investment for a Brighter Future. Investment for a Brighter Future---------- CMS PTO
  • Visit this site to find what the college of your choice will accept on AP exams.
  • Visit here if you are interested in an internship with the U.S. Department of State.
  • Visit this for student study abroad information.
  • Go here to see how you can prepare for college during your junior year of high school.
  • Go here to plan for your senior year.
  • Go here to plan for your junior year.
  • Go here to plan for your sophomore year.
  • Go here to plan for your freshman year.
  • Go here for middle school resources.
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