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Andrew Noelle, Spanish 2, 3, AP Spanish Literature

Trabajo veranal para AP SpLit Students: lee la Carta Introductoria y sigue las instrucciones
Trabajo de verano Spanish 3 Students: mira una película animada (o bien conocida) y contesta las preguntas en la hoja que recibiste.
Summer Work for Spanish 2 Students: ¡haz Duolingo, tanto que puedas (as much as you can)!
¡Que tengas un buen verano!
Here is a link to the online textbook, access it by using this link and your Rutherford County Schools login username and password.
2018 Summer Language Institute at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), May - July, 2018
The Center for Accelerated Language Acquisition (CALA) is a 5-day accelerated language classes are engineered to provide rapid gains in the language by appealing to how the brain learns best, which is how you learned your native language--with lots of hands-on, interactive methods that take place in a fun, low-stress atmosphere using movement, songs, games, and stories. Here's more information!

Criteria for Final Exam Exemption for High School Courses
p. 52 Rutherford County Student Handbook
8 Absences- A average
6 Absences- B average
4 Absences- C average
2 Absences- D average

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