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Laurie Smithson » Integrated Math 2

Integrated Math 2

Quiz for Surface Area and Volume will be on Friday 3/16.
Need more help??? Visualization Tools:  Click Here
Please join my Quizlet group for online flash cards: 
We are now working on our Surface Area and Volume Unit!
Here are some extra practice resources!!
BIG IDEAS MATH (Topics 12 and 13 - complete with practice and solutions) CLICK HERE (yes, this is a Middle school resource, but the problems are good and they break down the concepts in a way that is easy to understand!)
How do I show that 2 triangles are similar? Click Here 
**See Page on Standards for further explanation on how to get the most out of Khanacademy for remediation of midterm standards and why the standards are in the gradebook!**
Khanacademy.org Code :  Click Here
We will be using khanacademy to work on remediation of skills from the midterm as well as working thru new skills/standards by typing in the standards into the search bar in khanacademy and working those problems.  I would like for students to work 30 min on remediation for the skills they have scored below 75%. This will also help them prepare for testing online and using the computers to answer a variety of types of questions.
http://www.mathwarehouse.com   is another great math resource for help on topics you need reteaching on. Click Algebra on the top menu and look for specific topics such as radicals, quadratics, polynomials, etc.
Rationalizing the Denominator Practice - REVIEW LINK click here
Solving Quadratic Resources:
Factoring Resources:
 (You have to check the box that says show answers!)
AH Integrated Math 2 Syllabus (Link to pdf is below).
AH Integrated Math 2 Supply List:
  • Composition Book - Graph Paper or College Ruled
  • Loose Leaf Graph Paper
  • Pencils
Test your logic skills...

In-Class Quiz/Test Corrections Policy - (updated 2nd Semester)  


1) Write the problem from the Quiz/Test. (if it includes a graph a sketch is fine).
2) Correct the problem - show work (where necessary) when working out the problem. This means for multiple choice questions you may not just give the correct answer! YOU WILL NOT GET FULL POINTS BACK!
3) Explain the ERROR you made!! (Ex. I set the problem up wrong, I forgot to plug the variable back into the equation, "I don't know how to do the problem" is not an acceptable reason for each problem you had!)
4) Corrections are REQUIRED for grades below 85%. (If you scored higher you may still do corrections) ALL tests must be returned by the DUE DATE!! 
5) If you are NOT doing corrections simply sign the top of your test and return.

6) PENALTIES: Due to students not completing corrections I have had to implement this policy 2nd semester! You will receive a HW grade for following directions and turning in the quiz/corrections by the due date. (So, everyone must return the test!!) Additionally, if you are REQUIRED to do corrections and you do not, you will be penalized (-5 pts) off your quiz for not completing the corrections.
Corrections help you to learn what your mistakes are in your learning,as well as they allow you to earn points back on your grade to help your average!! So, I am not sure why we are having difficulty getting this assignment completed! Please take this seriously and come see me for help if you need it!