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AP Research

Summer Assignment CITI Instructions
Summer Assignment Annotated Bibliography Instructions
In lieu of the 5 source annotated bibliography that your peers are completing for their thesis, I would like you to research the following 5 research methods: Content Analysis, Needs Assessment, Correlational, Narrative, and Grounded Theory.
Find an academic source which describes each method.  In 150 words, summarize the source.  Formatting will be the same as your peers who are completing the annotated bibliography.
The Craft of Research PDF link will help with narrowing your topic.

AP Research Course Schedule

Week 1: August 9-13

  • Discuss CITI and IRB
  • Assign book; discuss chapter 3
  • Everything you wanted to know about AP Research
  • Paper Basics
  • Cohort development
  • PREP Response: Elevator
  • Turnitin.com and Remind
Week 2: August 16-20
  • Be prepared with the information and course expectations for your other class.  We will be backwards designing the year.
  • Bring your textbook.
  • Individual conferences.
  • Develop and be prepared to deliver a 2-minute elevator speech.  Include in your speech your topic idea/focus -- what is your rationale for possibly going in this direction (this can also include the gap), discipline focus, potential method that you are considering. Also discuss your FOSA and status of your mentor selection. A written component covering this material must be uploaded to the turnitin.com as part of your PREP folder. 
  • Individual conferences.
  • Workday.
Week 3: August 23-27
Overview of inquiry proposal assignment
Begin discussing research process (qualitative/quantitative)
Cohorts Assigned
Wednesday: Work Day -- specifically, begin locating key studies that help inform your research gap; rough draft of research question
Friday: RQ Speed-dating activity; For this week's PREP, watch "The Danger of a Single Story."  Prompt is in turnitin.com
Week 4: August 30-Sept. 3
Monday: Continue locating key studies for inquiry proposal; rubric/paper reading; individual conferences
Wednesday: Work on inquiry proposal; individual conferences; rubric/paper reading
Friday: PREP: Revised RQ with explication (include suggestions from the peer reviews and why/why not you used this input)
Week 7
September 20-24
Monday: Read the "Using Ted Talks" academic journal on the handouts page.  As you read, reference the Inquiry Proposal assignment.  Do a comparison to the expectations of the Inquiry Proposal to what you see in the article. Also, evaluate the argument. For your PREP this week, (due Friday), respond to the following questions:  Based on the findings of the article, do you feel there is a true justification to use Ted Talks as a tool for public speaking? How does developing a solid inquiry proposal translate into an effective study, and how does does the TedTalk study illustrate this concept?
Wednesday: Final revisions to the Inquiry Proposal; conferences
Friday: Discussion; PREP assignment due.
October 25-29
Monday: Discuss APA, AP deadline, create timeline, read/analyze paper; Conferences; PREP assignment: Due Friday: Write a 200 word reflection on your research process up to this point.
Wednesday: Begin rough drafts of introduction and peer review RQ and/or surveys; Conferences
Friday: Fireside chat; Conferences