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Jennifer Burrows » English II - Advanced Honors

English II - Advanced Honors

During Class, there will be times when you need to leave. Please fill out the form below to sign out. 

 These books are great titles that go along with our theme this quarter: fear.

 Don’t forget to look at the ACT list I gave you Friday. Here it is again if you didn’t get it then.

 Your ACT Recommended Reading List

 Please be prepared to identify your choice book for this quarter by Friday, August 13th.


This is a general outline of what we will be covering throughout this quarter with some of our due dates. As we progress through the quarter, changes may be made to this syllabus per student needs. However, I want students and parents to have a framework to work with for this quarter. 



Week One: 8/9-8/13

Plato – Allegory of the Cave

Writing – 5 min. prompt M/T & Newsletter/Author Chair/Summer Short Answer F CHANGED TO INCLUDE TEXTBOOK PASSOUT, SIGNUPS, NEWSLETTER. Postponed Summer Short Answer and Author Chair to next Friday.

Week Two:  8/16-8/20

Reading –The Path Activity M/T THE LIBRARY 1ST THING WED/THU PRE-TEST W/TH Dream Collector W/Th

Writing – Summer Short Answer

Assessment – Formative Pre-Test

                Due Summer Short Answer Work 8/18 Friday

Week Three: 8/23-8/27

Reading – BELLWORK: The Path Activity for writing prompt beginning M/T - Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear? M/T Why We Crave Horror W/TH

Writing – M/T prompt & Newsletter/Author Chair F

                Due individual work from pages 88 and 89 on 8/23 Monday

                Due group work from pages 88 and 89 on 8/27 Friday

Week Four: 8/30-9/3

Reading – The Shining

Writing – Rewrite Shining

                Due Author’s Chair selection – First Presentations on Friday

Week Five: 9/7-9/10 (ABAB)

Reading - Where is Here + 1st Fear Point from Book

Writing – Fear Narrative

Week Six: 9/13-9/17

Reading – Poe House + 2nd Fear Point from Book

Writing – Fear Narrative

                Due Fear Narrative Friday 9/17 all classes

                Due Author’s Chair selection – Second Presentations on Friday


Week Seven: 9/20-9/24

Reading – End Poe House + 3rd Fear Point from Book

Writing – Chosen Book Essay

Week Eight: 9/27-10/1

Reading – Poetry Collection

Writing – Chosen Book Essay

Due Chosen Book Informative Essay Monday 9/27 and Tuesday 9/28


EQ: What is the relationship between power and freedom?

Focus: How does an author develop their claims?

Focus 2: How does an author’s POV shape the content and style of the texts?

Quizlet Focus: Grammar, paragraph corrections, editing, revising etc.

Unit 3:

FALL BREAK - 10/4-10/8

Week One: 10/11-10/15

Reading – Caged Bird – Poetry by Maya Angelou pg. 326

Assessment -

Due Annotations, Comp Check, Making Meaning, Language Development pg. 324-335 – Turn in on TEAMS

Due Newsletter with SMART GOALS – Turn in to forms

Due Read Theory – Turn in on Read Theory

Due Book of Choice - having to do with power and freedom.  Title due on Forms. Begin reading 20 minutes per day.

Week Two:  10/18-10/22

Reading – The Censors pg. 336 – Annotations, Analysis, Relate to Caged Bird by Maya Angelou

Writing – FEAR NARRATIVES RETURNED – Teacher comments reviewed, grades checked, and goals/plans set.

Writing - Thesis writing, the ingredients, potential options for thesis. Include thesis sentence as major element.

Assessment –

Due Censors Quiz: Vocabulary, Foreshadowing, #1-3 of Analyze the Text pg. 340, Passage/Tone Chart pg. 341 Hyperbole/Understatement Chart pg. 342 Quiz in class: Rest on TEAMS

Due Newsletter/ Thesis – book of choice selection. Answer the essential question using what you believe to be the answer given by your book of choice. Turn in on Forms

Due Read Theory – Turn in on Read Theory

Week Three:  10/25-10/29

Reading – The Wretched and The Beautiful CommonLit

Writing – Body paragraphs - prompt

                Due Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram of Censors to Wretched and Beautiful.

                Due Newsletter/ Introductory paragraph for Book of Choice / REVISED Fear Narrative Due

                Due Read Theory – Turn in on Read Theory

Week Four: 11/1-11/5

Reading – Intro with pg. 261-267, then students choose either - Four Freedoms pg. 268 OR Inaugural Address pg. 282 (They will present their findings to the class, representing their passage in a debate.)

Writing – Conclusion - Prompt

Due Conclusion with rest of informative/explanatory essay (Rough Draft)

Due Read Theory – Turn in on Read Theory

Week Five: 11/8-11/12 (11/11 SCHOOL CLOSED FOR VETERENS DAY)

Reading – Debate FDR Vs JFK

Writing – Critique Partners - Informational Essay from Book of Choice 1st Quarter

Due Critique Partners worksheet and feedback

           Due Debate

Week Six: 11/15-11/19

Reading – Wiesel’s “Perils of Indifference Speech” (Answer higher order thinking question and collect a minimum of five points to make from the speech for our Socratic Seminar 11/29-12/3)

Writing – Revision and Editing - Informational Essay from Book of Choice 1st Quarter

                Due Final Draft of Informative/explanatory essay Due Friday 11/12 for all classes

                Due Socratic Seminar Questions to ask and Points prepared to make in SS.

Week Seven: 11/22-11/23

Reading – Takei’s “Why I Love a Country” (Answer higher order thinking question and collect a minimum of five points to make from the speech for our Socratic Seminar 11/29-12/3)

Writing – Paragraph Corrections and Grammar

                Due Paragraph Corrections and Grammar


Week Eight: 11/29-12/3

Reading – Socratic Seminar over Wiesel and Takei

Writing – Paragraph Corrections and Grammar – based on findings in writing

                Due Paragraph Corrections and Grammar

                Due Socratic Seminar

Week Nine: 12/6-12/10

Reading – Test Prep, Review, Catch Up PACKET

Writing – Timed Writing Prompt to be paired with Book of Choice for Quarter 2

                Due Packet Check

                Due Timed Writing Prompt

Week Ten: 12/13-12/17 (LAST DAY OF 2ND QUARTER – FULL DAY THE 17TH)

Reading – MIDTERMS

Writing – MIDTERMS


Class codes and keys are now posted on TEAMS for TURN IT IN. This is the app we will be using to turn in all of our written assignments, including our summer work. The window to turn in summer work opened today and will close on Friday, August 20th. Please be sure to ONLY use your class code.