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The following contains APHG expectations and advice:


New Students 2021-2022:


I am looking forward to the new school year! Here's some advice on how to prepare for a COLLEGE LEVEL HUMAN GEOGRAPHY COURSE as a freshman in high school:


Things you would have learned in middle school if Tennessee had not eliminated the world geography course:


Great ways to prepare for AP Human Geography:

  1. STUDY MAPS AND ATLASES. Since this is a college course, it assumes you already have the knowledge most students gain in a high school geography class. You will see many exam questions throughout the year that require knowledge of specific information about specific countries and prominent physical features, from their location to their size to their shape. So get a globe, an atlas, or just get on Google Maps and explore!
  2. GET READY FOR A COLLEGE LEVEL TEXTBOOK. This could be challenging early on, so you may want to check out this site for help:
  3. READ. If you're a reader, check out a couple of books this summer. Check out the AP Human Geography Collection at our CMS Library and find one you think you'll like. No pressure, this is optional.
  4. WATCH. Check out the video HERE about Geo-literacy. Geography is not just memorizing countries and capitals.
  5. PLAY. Games like SimCity, the Civilization series, and Nation States deal with concepts we study in the course (Urban Land Use, Development, and Political Geography).
  6. THINK. Start thinking like a geographer. Look around. Ask questions. Not just "where?" but "why?"
  7. Feel free to email me with any questions or just to introduce yourself if you're new to Central. And have a great summer!

Great study guides to use during the course (check stores for most recent editions):


Required Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pen with black or dark blue ink


Recommended Supplies:

  • Binder or folder to organize and keep up with your work
  • Post-its or tabs for keeping notes in the textbook
  • Tissue for the classroom (please)
  • A study guide (strongly recommended, see list above)