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Senior Thesis

Click the link above to view the handbook. This handbook should answer any questions you have as it relates to the entire thesis process (mentors, due dates, structure).
Fall of 2020
September 11 ..........................Research Question; IRB Process Initiated
September 18 ..........................Mentor Contract due to TURNITIN.COM
September 25 .........................Ch 1: Introduction due
September 30…………………Meetings with Sr. English Teacher & Field of Study Advisor completed;
                                                 Writing Lab appointment completed
October 12…………………….Begin Methodology process (to include starting experiments, surveys)
November 6 ...........................Ch 2: Review of Literature due, Fall Mentor Meetings completed
November 13 .........................All methodology initiated (e.g.,surveys written & ready to be released)
December 4……………………Meetings with Sr. English Teacher & Field of Study Advisor completed;
                                                 Writing Lab appointment completed
December 9……………………Ch 3: Methodology due
Website Examples and Resources
Resume site...LiveCareer (there is a fee with this site...very good for professional resume template)


APA Home

Scientific Literature...
Reading and Analyzing this type
Open Access Journals
Narrative VS. Scientific Writing
Writing a Scientific Paper
Writing a Lab Report
Click the link above to view the handbook. This handbook should answer any questions you have as it relates to the entire thesis process (mentors, due dates, structure).
STEM IV Practicum

2020 1st Nine Weeks Assignment

This assignment is an individual assignment.


Part 1

Research and select a company or organization for a work-based learning project in a healthcare or biotechnology area of choice (USE below for a list). Cite specific textual evidence from the organization’s literature, as well as independent news articles to summarize:

  1. The mission/history of the organization-the "about us" of the company; anything that relates history
  2. Headquarters and organizational structure-where are they located-how organized?
  3. Products or services provided-what do they do? what do they "sell" or "provide"
  4. Credentials required for employment and how they are obtained and maintained-what do I need               to work at the company (pick a job if you needed)
  5. Policies and procedures-any that relate to employment/patient or just in general about company
  6. Reports, newsletters, and other documents published by the organization-how do they                             communicate with public and/or employees
  7. Website and contact information-list this information-give web address and contact info

       Search for the resumes of medical professionals and bio technologists retrieved from the websites of institutions, organizations, or professional networks.  Create your own "future" personal resume modeled after elements identified in the search. Think about the job you would want at that place of employment...build your resume so that when going to an interview your resume would standout. This resume is not factual, at least not now...this is based on where you want to be with your future resume.


       In preparation for a future career in healthcare-medical field or biotechnology, compose a cover letter following guidelines specified in the vacancy announcement.


All of these activities that you are completing (1-7, resume, cover letter) will be turned in through your Teams Class Notebook in the tab titled "Biotech-Hospital Research". Please organize this assignment in the notebook in the following order:

add 1 page-title should be: Name of Company-#1-7

add next page-title should be: Future Resume

add next page-title should be: Cover Letter


List of Healthcare and Biomedical Companies:

  • Amegen- world biotech leader
  • BioMarin - Develops and commercializes bio pharmaceuticals for serious diseases and medical conditions. 
  • CIGNA - An employee benefits company providing health, life, accident, disability, and other employee benefits. 
  • DentiMax - Offers easy-to-use, full-featured dental office software that completely integrates dental practice management. 
  • First Databank, Inc. - Offers software for pharmacies, hospitals, medical and nutrition marketplaces. 
  • HCA Inc. - HealthTrust Purchasing Group and Hospital Coporation of America is a healthcare group purchasing company. 
  • HCPro - Offers strategic information for administrative managers and leaders in hospitals. 
  • HOSA- empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience.
  • IMS Health - A provider of business strategic consulting services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. 
  • LifePoint - Provides health care services to non-urban communities. 
  • Medtronic - Offers a line of surgical products and instrumentation that surgeons utilize for laparoscopic, endoscopic and more. 
  • MIDAS - Helps increase patient safety, enhance patient care, and improve profitability for hospitals. 
  • Quest Diagnostics - 5 million+ people and their healthcare providers choose Quest Diagnostics. Learn how to get the insights you need to make informed medical decisions.
  • Sentara - Offers care giving sites, including acute care hospitals, outpatient care facilities, nursing centers and assisted living centers. 
  • Sound Physicians - A hospitalist company, dedicated to improving the quality and continuity of inpatient care management. 
  • Truven Health Analytics - A provider of decision support solutions that help organizations across the healthcare industry. 
  • United Healthcare - Offers health programs and access to physicians and hospitals. 
  • UnitedHealth Group - Offers specialty care programs such as vision and dental care, as well as HSAs (health savings accounts) and HRAs. 
  • MERCK committed to being the premier, research-intensive bio-pharmaceutical company

Part 2


Senior Thesis Website


Create a personal portfolio  (EVERYONE WILL HAVE THEIR VERY OWN WEBSITE) or similar collection of work, that illustrates mastery of skills and knowledge outlined in the previous courses and applied in the practicum. The portfolio should reflect thoughtful assessment and evaluation of the progression of work involving the application of steps of the scientific inquiry. The following documents will also reside in the career portfolio:



These are the tabs of your website (Should be in order order across the top of your page or in drop down menu format):

  1. Career and professional development plan - what do you plan to do in the future and how will you achieve that goal
  2. Personal Resumeyour academic resume
  3. GalleryExamples of visual materials developed and used during the course (such as graphics, drawings, models, presentation slides, videos, and demonstrations)
  4. Senior Thesis - Your senior thesis should be under this tab, preferably live on the page (not an attachment/download). This does not necessarily mean your full thesis paper. Summarize each part of your thesis here with tabs representing each part:
        1. Introduction
  5. Senior Thesis Video Journal - Periodic video journal entries reflecting on tasks and activities-see specific dates below








Part 3

2nd, 5th, & 6th period students...COMPLETE THIS GOOGLE FORM

This is the SAME link on my front web page!

Thesis Structure
Introductions/Literature Review
Hypothesis Statement
Data Analysis

PEER REVIEW...you must complete 5 total peer reviews of an entire thesis project

Research Question and Methodology Peer Review


Presentation Advice
Website Information
Website details...see Thesis Website PDF below
Institutional Review Board (IRB)...Click on this link above to discover more about what this committee oversees.
CITI Training...click here to complete your training.
Informative Videos...click this link (scroll down) to watch some informative videos from the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP).  These videos are meant for further education on the use of human subjects...THESE DO NOT REPLACE CITI TRAINING!

Senior Thesis Proposal Form

Your senior thesis proposal must be typed and is due to Mrs. Harrison on or before August 25, 2020.

Your Senior Thesis Proposal must include 3 typed paragraphs. Please respond to each of the items listed below in your proposal.


State the TITLE (as of today) of your thesis project:


Paragraph One

  •       Includes a statement of purpose and the general subject area of the thesis.           
  •       Explains why this subject/topic was selected.                                                           
  •       Explains how the senior thesis will challenge YOU the student.                                        


Paragraph Two

  •      Explain what is already known or has been accomplished in this area.                 
  • How is your project different or what are you adding to that is already known (YOUR SO WHAT)?       


Paragraph Three

  •      Explain who (mentor) will be selected and why.                                                     


Senior Thesis Proposal Format –

-Due on 08/25/20 in TURNITIN.COM

-Must be typed in 12 point “Calibri” or “Arial” font (1.0 or 1.5 spacing); 1" margins


-Upper left corner should have the following information:

         Student’s Name


         Partner's Name if applicable

         AMB or Always My Best