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Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis Due Dates*:

*These dates are subject to change.

Proposal Form

August 18, 2017

Problem Statement - Biomedical

Introduction - Argument

Proposal – Problem/Solution Paper

Problem Statement - Engineering

August 30/31, 2017

Review of Literature

Research Purpose/Background Info/Hypothesis - Biomedical

Identification of prior attempts/patent search - Engineering

September 28, 2017


State and justify the procedures, materials and methods used to conduct your experiment and research – Biomedical

Design Requirements/Decision Matrix – Engineering

October 26, 2017

Results – Biomedical

Body - Argument

Proposal – Problem/Solution

Create a prototype - Engineering

January 26, 2018

Discussion – Biomedical

Conclusion – Argument

Solution – Proposal

Testing and Analysis - Engineering

February 23, 2018

Thesis Paper Due...this is the final paper!


March 19, 2018

Tri-board(s) should be completed/in-class by April 16th

Website Finalized for grading purposes...April 16th



Reflection of Thesis

April 16th, 2018


April 30,


Thesis Examples
Thesis Handbook
APA Home
Scientific Literature...
Reading and Analyzing this type
Open Access Journals
Narrative VS. Scientific Writing
Writing a Scientific Paper
Writing a Lab Report
Institutional Review Board (IRB)...Click on this link above to discover more about what this committee oversees.
CITI Training...click here to complete your training.
Informative Videos...click this link (scroll down) to watch some informative videos from the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP).  These videos are meant for further education on the use of human subjects...THESE DO NOT REPLACE CITI TRAINING!
The information below is for the next school year 2018-2019
STEM IV Practicum

2018 1st Nine Weeks Assignment

This assignment is an individual assignment.


Part 1

Research and select a company or organization for a work-based learning project in a healthcare or biotechnology area of choice. Cite specific textual evidence from the organization’s literature, as well as independent news articles to summarize:

  1. The mission and history of the organization
  2. Headquarters and organizational structure
  3. Products or services provided
  4. Credentials required for employment and how they are obtained and maintained
  5. Policies and procedures
  6. Reports, newsletters, and other documents published by the organization
  7. Website and contact information

       Search for the resumes of medical professionals and bio technologists retrieved from the websites of institutions, organizations, or professional networks. Discuss what is typically included in the resumes of medical professionals or biotechnology professionals, compare and contrast several examples, and create a personal resume modeled after elements identified in the search.

       Conduct a job search and simulate the experience by researching local employment options. In preparation for a future career in healthcare-medical field or biotechnology, complete an authentic job application form and compose a cover letter following guidelines specified in the vacancy announcement.

Part 2

Create a portfolio www.weebly.com (EVERYONE WILL HAVE THEIR VERY OWN WEBSITE) or similar collection of work, that illustrates mastery of skills and knowledge outlined in the previous courses and applied in the practicum. The portfolio should reflect thoughtful assessment and evaluation of the progression of work involving the application of steps of the scientific inquiry. The following documents will also reside in the career portfolio:

  1. Career and professional development plan – what do you plan to do in the future and how will you achieve that goal
  2. Personal Resume
  3. List of responsibilities undertaken through the courses while at Central Magnet
  4. Examples of visual materials developed and used during the course (such as graphics, drawings, models, presentation slides, videos, and demonstrations)
  5. Description of technology used, with examples if appropriate
  6. Periodic journal entries reflecting on tasks and activities
  7. Feedback from instructor and/or supervisor based on observations


Part 3

Secure a mentor for the 2018-19 thesis project


Click here to submit via Google Forms

the above link is the same one on the STEM IV page



Senior Thesis Proposal Form

Your senior thesis proposal must be typed and is due to the Biomed Senior Thesis Project Coordinator on or before August 18, 2018.

Your Senior Thesis Proposal must include 4 typed paragraphs. Please respond to each of the items listed below in your proposal.

Paragraph One

  •       Includes a statement of purpose and the general subject area of the thesis.           ___Yes ___No
  •       Explains why this subject/topic was selected.                                                           ___Yes ___No
  •       Explains how the senior thesis will challenge the student.                                        ___Yes ___No


Paragraph Two

  •      State the topic and focus of the research paper.                                                      ___Yes ___No
  •      Explains what is already known or has been accomplished in this area.                 ___Yes ___No


Paragraph Three

  •      Explains what the project, model, presentation will be about.                                  ___Yes ___No
  •      Explains who (mentor) will be selected and why.                                                     ___Yes ___No


Paragraph Four

  •      Explains how this thesis project will impact the student personally.                         ___Yes ___No
  •      How is your project different or what are you adding to that is already known?       ___Yes ___No



Senior Thesis Proposal Format – The Senior Thesis Proposal must be typed in 12 point “Calibri” or “Arial” font (1.0 or 1.5 spacing). The proposal must have this cover sheet with all blanks below completed.


Student’s Signature ____________________________________ Date Completed _____________________ Honor Code statement: _________________________________



NOTE – Please complete the copy I placed in your one note folder and "file printout" the proposal by Friday 8/18/18.